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New Maisano Hand Select Four Roses Offerings

11/11/2016 | Jonathan Maisano

Enjoy our two new Maisano Hand Select Single Barrel Four Roses Bourbon Offerings, OESO 112.8 Proof and OBSF 118.8 Proof. We also still have some of the OBSQ 122.2 Proof that came in last month.

Price is the same for all 3 offerings $60.74 per + tax.

All three of these barrels were hand selected by Jonathan Maisano while visiting Four Roses Distillery in Kentucky. Each Bourbon is delicious but offers a unique flavor profile. The main differences of each are as follows;

OESO - 112.8 Proof - 8 years and 10 months - Tier 2 This Bourbon is a 20 % Rye Mash Bill with the Rich Fruitiness yeast strain. Mellow with lingering sweet red fruit notes on the finish.

OBSF - 118.8 Proof - 9 years and 7 months - Tier 3 This Bourbon is a 35% Rye Mash Bill with the Herbal Essence yeast strain. Caramel and spice with fresh mint notes on the finish.

OBSQ - 122.2 Proof - 9 years and 5 months - Tier 5 This Bourbon is a 35% Rye Mash Bill with the Floral Essence yeast strain. Big, rich and mouth coating with butterscotch and vanilla.