Maisano's Whiskey


Bourbons on display in the store

We currently feature over two hundred Whiskey selections from all over the world.

These selections include bottles from Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Tennessee, Colorado, Chicago, Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Utah, Pennsylvania, and of course Kentucky.

Owner Jonathan Maisano travels to distilleries in Kentucky every few months where he meets with Master Distillers to taste and hand select barrels. We also offer over 1,300 wine choices all laid out by varietal in a bright, clean and very open store.

Take your time browsing the shelves or have one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you discover a new favorite.

These limited Single Barrel Bourbons are bottled and offered in limited quantity exclusively for Maisano’s customers.

Owner Jonathan describes some of the hand select Bourbon offerings that can be found at Maisano's on a limited basis throughout the year.

Maisano's 1792 Bourbon

Maisano's Four Roses Bourbon

Maisano’s Knob Creek Bourbon