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The Maisano Hand Select 1792 Full Proof Bourbon Has Arrived!

10/19/2016 | Jonathan Maisano

We are excited to announce that Jonathan was able to taste and select one of the first barrels that Barton Distillery (owned by Sazerac / Buffalo Trace) has allowed a customer to hand select and it has just arrived! The Full Proof 1792 is bottled at 125 proof the same proof that this Bourbon originally went in to the barrel at.
This barrel was hand selected by Jonathan in June and comes from the 6th floor of Warehouse Z (the original home of 1792). When Jonathan tasted this barrel it was 127 proof so what you get to enjoy is basically barrel proof 1792 Bourbon with 8 years & 6 months of age. Enjoy lots of aromas and flavors of chocolate covered cherry, vanilla, baking spices with a touch of fresh cut wood. Great balance of sweet and rich flavors, it is powerful but graceful. Pick up a bottle to enjoy with the beautiful cool weather this weekend!